Scalp Concealers

A form of daily cosmetic applied onto the scalp, scalp concealers are an effective and easy to apply hair loss cosmetic. This style of product works by applying the same colour to the scalp as to the roots of the hair. The contrast of colour between skin and hair is what makes hair loss noticeable. By giving each the same colour, we give the impression of thicker and fuller hair almost instantly.

The most popular scalp concealer is the aerosol coloured hair thickener spray. This style of product can be applied in just seconds to the scalp and to the roots. Colour can also be added to more length of hair than just the roots. You also have the added benefit of providing extra lift and hold to the hair from a coloured hair thickener aerosol spray. The beauty of this product is that you can apply it and create your look in just seconds! Available in a array of colours that can layered and blended to match your exact hair colour. The product will come out with when showering and can run due to rain or when exercising.

Coloured hair thickener sprays can be used to conceal a variety of hair loss issues. Different brands market their sprays to tackle these different hair loss types. For example, one brand on the market started out as a cover up spray for hair transplant scars, where as another markets itself as a root touch up spray. While there are different marketing angles, the way that these sprays work are essentially the same.

The other style of scalp concealer is a dry compact powder that is applied directly onto the scalp and the roots of the hair. With this style of product, you normally apply the powder with a damp applicator and allow the product to dry. Once applied you are then able to style your hair as you normally would. The key difference between a dry compact powder and the coloured hair thickener sprays is how they fare in the rain, when exercising or swimming. Coloured hair thickeners don’t hold up to these challenges well at all, although other products can be applied on top to better secure the product. The dry compact powder however is a waterproof product that you can even go swimming in. It will wash out once shampooed out.

Both product styles come will come in a full range of colours that can be blended together to match your own hair colour. Both are fantastic options to be able to conceal your hair loss or thinning. Both styles of products will create a slightly different look, but can both create a seemless natural look. The aim of both of these products is to create a look to your hair that is undetectable. Both products can do this perfectly well, but everyone will have their own preference as to which works best for them. If you are looking for a hair loss solution then these two options should definitely be considered. Try both and see which you prefer!

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