Hair Care

For a lot of us our hair is an extension of our personalities and an important part of our daily life. However a lot of still don’t take as much care of our hair that we should! From bleaching and dying to straightening to using cheap shampoos and conditioners. Every day you may be doing damage to your hair that you weren’t aware of.

Using a shampoo and conditioner that is suited for your hair is a key component of your hair care regime. There is no one shampoo that will work sufficiently for everyone as we all have different hair types. Whether fine, curly, dry or thick, each hair type will need a different shampoo to look after its needs best. The moisture content of your hair is important to maintaining the health of your hair, so it can maintain its structure. When a hair dries out it becomes susceptible to damage like split ends and breakages. Shampooing your hair actually puts moisture back into your hair to maintain its health. Over the course of the next 24 hours almost all of this added moisture is actually lost, but you can take steps to help keep this moisture within the hair follicle. Conditioning your hair will close the cuticles on each hair, reducing the surface area of the hair. This protection from the conditioner will keep the hair from drying out as quickly. Using cheap products on your hair can also cause unwanted damage. Cheap shampoos use harsher chemicals to clean your hair that will dry your hair out quicker. Picking a higher quality shampoo may be more expensive, but your hair will thank you.

Specialist Hair Loss Shampoos are widely available, but as with all shampoos there won’t be a single hair loss shampoo that will work best for everyone. Try a few different shampoos to find the one that works best for your hair loss type.

Straighteners, hair dryers and curlers are essentials items in millions of bedrooms and bathrooms. Everyday products for a lot of people that can be damaging for your hair, especially the longer your hair is. Longer hair will dry out and be more susceptible to damage, so extra care must be taken. Heat protection sprays will help to keep your hair healthy for longer when using any form of heat on your hair. To protect your hair best when using a hair dryer you should use it on the lowest heat setting. This may take longer to dry your hair, but you will keep your hair healthier. 

Dying your hair can be tempting, especially as your hair starts to turn grey. For permanent colour harsh chemicals are used on your hair to strip the existing colour from the hair follicle. Once the existing pigment is removed, we can then add in the colour that we want to create a consistent look. However these chemicals are extremely damaging to the hair. To be able to remove the pigment, the chemicals will first have to lift up the hairs cuticle. This process will leave the hair susceptible to drying out as the cuticle acts like bark on a tree to protect the hair.

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