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Revivogen MD Bio-Cleansing Shampoo & MD Thickening Conditioner

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Revivogen MD Bio-Cleansing Shampoo is the best shampoo for thinning hair, this gentle hair growth shampoo is sulfate-free and is specially formulated with the same active ingredients found in the topical Revivogen Scalp Therapy formula to complement it’s activity. Created for limp and thinning hair, Revivogen MD Thickening Conditioner replenishes moisture, strengthens the hair shaft and adds volume and shine; instantly creating the look of thicker and healthier hair. Also unlike many conditioning products, it won’t weigh down your hair, which is essential for those with thin hair!
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Revivogen PRO Bio-Cleansing Shampoo & Revivogen PRO Thickening Conditioner

This sulfate free shampoo helps gently cleanse the scalp to remove sebum and impurities. Revivogen Bio Cleansing Shampoo contains the natural ingredients found in the scalp therapy formula and complements its activity. Revivogen PRO Bio-Cleansing Shampoo is the best shampoo for thinning hair and a perfect complement to the topical scalp therapy solution because it prepares the area to fully absorb the solution for better results. While generally cleansing the hair and scalp, it removes Sebum (which blocks DHT near the hair follicle) and DHT (powerful androgen linked to hair loss) from the scalp.

Revivogen PRO thickening conditioner is a sulphate free conditioner that is for limp and thinning hair. Once applied the conditioner replenishes moisture and strengthens the hair shaft, improving hair and scalp condition. Revivogen hair thickening conditioner is for men and women, won’t weigh down your hair and promotes a healthy vibrant look and feel. Revivogen hair thickening conditioner when used with Revivogen hair growth shampoo and scalp therapy will make your hair fuller and have more body. Revivogen thickening conditioner is safe to use with all hair types and is used by men and is also a popular hair thickening conditioner for women.

Shampoo - 

Whenever you are applying hair growth shampoo it is best to have someone assist you to make sure all treatment areas are fully covered. If you’re in the shower wet your hair then turn off the water. Pour a small amount of Revivogen Bio-Cleansing Shampoo into the palm of your hand. Rub the growth shampoo into the scalp. If you want to treat areas that has course hair make sure you are vigorously rubbing into the scalp. Pour more shampoo into your palm as needed and massage into the scalp and hair to create a luxurious lather. This gentle hair cleanser helps to reduce scalp irritation. After at least one minute you can rinse the shampoo from your hair & scalp with warm water. You may repeat the process if necessary. After you’ve completed shampooing your hair, dab with a dry towel and apply Revivogen Hair Thickening Conditioner for the best results. The shampoo and conditioner are formulated for daily use.

Conditioner - 
After you use Revivogen Bio-Cleansing Shampoo dab your head with a dry towel to remove any excess water. Squeeze a small amount of Revivogen MD Thickening Conditioner into the palm of your hand. Gently distribute the thickening conditioner throughout hair or over the problem areas you want to treat. Leave the solution in your hair for 2-5 minutes. If you would like additional conditioning for softer hair leave in 5-7 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm. The combination of the Shampoo and conditions is formulated to work with our scalp therapy. Rinse the conditioner your hair thoroughly and repeat the conditioning process if necessary. The hair growth shampoo and hair thickening conditioner are formulated to be used on a daily basis.


Q. What Causes Hair Thinning?

A. More than 95 percent of all hair thinning in men and women is due to a condition known as androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. This condition is due to a by-product of testosterone known as DHT, which is produced in high quantities by the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme found in the scalp. The binding of DHT to the genetically predisposed hair follicle results in gradual suppression and miniaturization of the hair and eventual shrinkage and deterioration of the hair follicle.

Q. Does Revivogen have any systemic side effects?

A. No, when used as directed. Revivogen’s active ingredients are made of all natural compounds that have a long history of use both orally and topically. The only side effect noted with the use of this product has been transient mild scalp irritation in less than 2% of users. However, some people may have local side effects like redness and itching. 

Q. What kind of results should I expect?

A. After four to five weeks of using Revivogen, you should see a significant decrease in hair thinning or shedding and notice a difference in how your hair looks and feels. After three to four months of use, your revitalized hair will make your scalp look fuller and denser. With continued use, your hair will stay healthy and continue to improve.

Q. Does Revivogen work for women?

A. Yes, and we have many satisfied women customers. Surprisingly, the cause of hair thinning or shedding in women is the same as in men in most cases. Fortunately for women, estrogen helps to protect the hair follicle from the destructive effects of DHT. However, many women develop thinning hair and hair loss due to estrogen level fluctuations and/or overproduction of DHT. Revivogen helps protect the hair follicle from DHT, resulting in thicker, fuller, healthier hair.

Q. Does Revivogen work on other ethnic hair types like African American hair?

A. Male and female pattern hair thinning is due to DHT in all ethnic groups. Since Revivogen reduces DHT, it works to reverse male and female pattern hair thinning in whites, blacks, Asians or Latinos.

Q. How is Revivogen used?

A. Simply apply Revivogen to the affected area (and surrounding areas) of the scalp at least once a day. Avoid washing your hair for at least three hours after application so the scalp can effectively absorb the active ingredients. You can apply Revivogen at any time during the day, but most people prefer to use it at night before going to bed. Read the Detailed Instructions for more information.

Q. Can I use other hair care products or colour my hair while using Revivogen?

A. Yes. You can use any other hair-care products while using Revivogen, including hair color and styling products. You can even wear a hat. If you’re going to use additional topical treatments such as Rogaine® (Minoxidil), you must apply them at least three hours apart to prevent any interference with the absorption of Revivogen’s active ingredients.

Q. Do I need to use Revivogen forever, like with Rogaine® and Propecia®?

A. Once you achieve the desired results, you must continue to use Revivogen to maintain your revitalized hair because your body is continuously producing DHT. However, unlike many other products, you can decrease the frequency of Revivogen application over time by tapering off daily use and ultimately reducing use to three to five times a week. This usually takes up to twelve to sixteen months of use.

Q. I am using Rogaine® and/or Propecia® and don’t want to stop using them. Can I use Revivogen at the same time?

A. Yes. Revivogen is made of all natural ingredients that have no side effects and do not react with other medications, including Rogaine® and Propecia®. You can safely use Revivogen with other medications.

Q. I recently had hair transplants. Can I use Revivogen?

A. Yes. Although the transplanted hair is theoretically resistant to the destructive effects of DHT, the hair follicles surrounding the transplanted area may still be genetically susceptible to DHT. If these hair follicles are not protected they will eventually be lost, causing the need for additional transplants.

Q. What are the atrophied hair follicles? (note order change)

A. If DHT-related hair thinning is not treated appropriately, eventually the miniaturized hair follicles are permanently destroyed. This process is called atrophy and the atrophied hair follicles are replaced by scar tissue. A scalp area with hair follicle atrophy looks bare and shiny and will not respond to any product or medication.

Q. Can Revivogen rejuvenate the atrophied hair follicles?

A. Unfortunately after the hair follicle has atrophied, it is permanently lost and there are no options with any product to rejuvenate the hair follicles other than a hair transplant. This is why recommend to use Revivogen as soon as you begin to notice hair loss. This way, during the hair miniaturization process, the hair follicle can be protected from DHT assault.

Q. Do I need to use a special shampoo while using Revivogen?

A. We recommend using Revivogen Bio-Cleansing Shampoo to add body and thickness to your hair. This specially designed shampoo reinforces the effects of Revivogen Scalp Therapy by removing sebum and DHT from the scalp and creating a healthy environment for hair growth.