Stem Cell Hair Transplant

A stem cell hair transplant is similar to a traditional hair transplant. But rather than removing a large number of hairs to transplant to the area of hair loss, a stem cell hair transplant removes a small skin sample from which hair follicles are harvested. The follicles are then replicated in a lab and implanted back into the scalp in the areas of hair loss. This allows hair to grow where the follicles were taken from, as well as where they’re transplanted. Stem cell hair transplants exist only in theory at the moment. Research is ongoing. It’s estimated that stem cell hair transplants may be available by 2020.

What Are Stem Cells?
Stem cells are cells that have the potential to develop into different types of cells found in the body. They’re unspecialized cells that are unable to do specific things in the body. However, they’re able to divide and renew themselves to either stay stem cells or become other types of cells. They help repair certain tissues in the body by dividing and replacing damaged tissues.

The Procedure
A stem cell hair transplant was successfully performed by Italian researchers in 2017. The procedure begins with a punch biopsy to extract stem cells from the person. The punch biopsy is performed using an instrument with a circular blade that’s rotated into the skin to remove a cylindrical sample of tissue. The stem cells are then separated from the tissue in a special machine called a centrifuge. It leaves a cell suspension that’s then injected back into the scalp in the areas of hair loss. There are several different research teams working on stem cell hair loss treatments. While the procedures may vary slightly, they’re all based on growing new hair follicles in a lab using a small skin sample from the patient.

Currently, there are some clinics offering a version of stem cell hair transplants to the public. These aren’t approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

These procedures are performed in-office on an outpatient basis. They entail removing fat cells from the person’s abdomen or hip using a liposuction procedure under local anaesthesia. A special process is used to remove the stem cells from the fat so that they can be injected into the scalp. This procedure takes approximately 3 hours. The clinics that currently offer this procedure can’t provide a guarantee for the outcome of the procedure. The results, if any, can vary from person to person. It may require several treatments over many months to see results.

There’s very little information available about the possible side effects of stem cell hair transplants. As with any medical procedure, there’s always the risk of bleeding or infection at the site of the sample and the injection. Scarring is also possible. It's clear that stem cell hair transplants still have a lot to prove whereas love level laser therapy is already clinically proved by the FDA to work with no side effects !

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