Over Washing Your Hair !

This is a debate that has been around for a long, long time and opinion is very devided! How often should I really wash my hair and is over washing my hair bad for you ?

Most people love their hair when it looks shiny, healthy and clean and you would think you could attain this look by washing your hair as often as possible. However, overwashing your hair can actually be bad for your hair and actuaqlly cutting down on your shampooing can end up being really helpful to you locks !

How Often Should I Wash My Hair?
In general, you should wash your hair every two to three days. However, this can vary by hair type. Everyone’s hair is different, and you may find that you need to wash your hair more or less depending on a number of factors:

* Fine, straight hair needs to be washed more often because it’s easier for sebum, or natural oils, to travel down the shaft.
* People with curly or textured hair can go longer between hair washes, since sebum can’t as easily work its way down the hair shaft.
* Lifestyle should also be taken into account. The more often you exercise, the more often you’ll need to wash your hair. Sweat can clog your pores, and make your hair look greasy and dirty.
* Those who live in a very humid climate may find it necessary to wash their hair more often.

Under Washing Your Hair.
If you don’t cleanse your scalp frequently, excess oils, dirt, pollution and dead skin cells are allowed to build up. An accumulation of dead skin cells can cause itching, irritation and visible flakes. Some hair types, like fine straight hair, fall limp and develop a greasy shine (not a healthy-looking shine) if you don't wash frequently. Other hair types develop combination hair – greasy and matted on top, dry and tangled on the bottom.

Over Washing Your Hair
Washing your hair more than once a day is unnecessary, although the cleaning process itself might not actually damage your hair the most. The biggest risks to hair health is what happens to your hair while wet and the styling that is done after each wash. Hair is weakest when wet, so any manipulation (pulling, combing and drying your hair with heat.) can stress your hair.

Is Shampoo Bad for Hair?
No, shampoo is not bad for hair. Shampoo is an emulsifier; it captures sebum and dirt and washes it away. Washing your hair regularly is critical for healthy hair. However, not all shampoos are created equal. Some shampoos are too harsh, stripping the hair of its healthy, natural oils. Sulphate-free shampoos cleanse hair of excess oil and dirt without excessively drying the hair.

Unless you apply styling products, your shampoo is only meant to cleanse your scalp. Don’t wash the ends of your hair with it. The ends of your hair are the oldest, most fragile portions, and they need special care like added moisture. While everyone can benefit from conditioner, people with dry hair should use conditioner every time they wash their hair. Pay special attention to the ends of your hair when you use conditioner. Despite what most people think, applying conditioner to your scalp can also be beneficial if you have a dry scalp or curly hair.

No matter what, only you can find the right balance of cleanliness and moisture for your hair.

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