Do you pick apart split ends?

The message has always been clear: if you have split ends, cut them off !

Yet, 50% of people in the UK pick at split ends on a daily basis, 80% of whom are women. Known medically as "trichotillomania", this habit can lead to more problems than simply having a bad hair day.

Why you should never pick apart split ends
As to why you should never pick apart split ends? When you pick and pull a strand of hair in two, you cause irreversible damage to the length of the hair shaft. In most cases, this will lead to your hair eventually breaking off, resulting in uneven, thin ends. In severe cases, a split end that is picked and splits all the way to your scalp, can result in follicular damage.

Firstly, what causes split ends?
Known in the medical world as "trichoptilosis" or "schizotrichia", split ends are result of fraying or splitting of the hair fibre, most typically at the end of the strand, although splitting can occasionally occur further up the hair.

All hair types can suffer from split ends due to other, non-genetic/ethnic reasons. You may have more or less split ends than your neighbour due to how you style your hair, how intensely, what products you use, or if you use heated tools. Certain environmental conditions like the weather (wind, rain, sun), pollution and lifestyle can also affect the quality of your hair, making it more prone to damage and resulting split ends.

How do split ends affect your hair's appearance?
Split ends and broken hair fibres can cause the hair to look dry, straggly and uneven at the ends, with the lengths looking flat and dull. Why? When the cuticles (the overlapping scales that cover the hair strand's core) are damaged, they don't lie down flat against the fibre. This means the light does not reflect as well off the hair, which is why people with split ends often notice a lack of luminosity and depth. These damaged cuticles are also less supple, which means they do not lie smoothly against one another, but have a tendency to tangle, create knots, and break even further.

Why is it so bad to pull apart split ends?
When you pick at split ends, you damage the hair shaft further. Some people might think that splitting a hair in two only makes the strand thinner, but what you're actually doing is damaging the cuticle and the core, which makes your hair strand strong. Once this damage has been one, your hair strand becomes weak and eventually breaks off.

How can you prevent split ends?
Wondering how to get rid of split ends? When the hair strand is split or fractured, the only solution to restore a healthy fibre is a visit to your hair stylist for a trim with the Split-Ender PRO.

The Split-Ender safely cuts split-ends and damaged hair in just minutes. The new Surgy-Trim™ System Technology safely trims away split-ends, dry and damaged hair while preserving your beautiful, long and healthy hair.

You can find the Spit-Ender range of products here.

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